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Mobile & Desktop

JavaScript für mobile Geräte und Desktop Apps.

Einstufung von Bekanntheit, Interesse und Zufriedenheit.

Technologies with less than 10% awareness not included. Each ratio is defined as follows:

  • Satisfaction: would use again / (would use again + would not use again)
  • Interest: want to learn / (want to learn + not interested)
  • Usage: (would use again + would not use again) / total
  • Awareness: (total - never heard) / total
We asked members of the JavaScript community to share their “pick of the year”

My 2020 Pick: Best Of JS

Best Of JS tracks GitHub stats about virtually every major JavaScript project, and it has been an invaluable resource for helping us decide what to include in the survey!

We asked members of the JavaScript community to share their “pick of the year”

Sacha Greif

Creator of the State of JS survey

Überblick über Meinungen zu Technologien, abgefragt über die Zeit.

Würde ich nicht verwenden
Kein Interesse
Würde ich wieder verwenden
Nie davon gehört

Technologies with only one year of data are not included.

This chart splits positive (“want to learn”, “would use again”) vs negative (“not interested”, “would not use again”) experiences on both sides of a central axis.

Bar thickness represents the number of respondents aware of a technology.

Andere Werkzeuge
Fortschritt: 1.3% (313)
Fortschritt: 1.3% (313)

Andere Werkzeuge in dieser Kategorie (Freifeldtext).

Auf einer Skala von eins (sehr unzufrieden) bis fünf (sehr zufrieden), wie zufrieden sind Entwickler allgemein mit dem Status in dieser Kategorie?

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