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Things that stood out this year.

En Çok Kullanılan Teknoloji

Yıldan yıla en büyük ilerlemeyi gösteren teknolojiye verildi.

TypeScript was already popular, and with a +14.7% growth in usage it looks like it's only going to get more ubiquitous going forward.

Arkasından Gelenler

2. Next.js: +11.5%
3. Cypress: +10.1%

En Yüksek Memnuniyet

En yüksek memnun kullanıcı yüzdesine sahip teknolojiye verildi.

With a sky-high satisfaction rating of 97%, Testing Library is 2020's overall most beloved tool.

Arkasından Gelenler

2. Jest: 96%
3. GraphQL: 94%

En Yüksek İlgi

Geliştiricilerin öğrenmeye en çok ilgi duyduğu teknolojiye verildi.

GraphQL continues to be the one thing developers want to learn more about with an interest ratio of 86%, as soon as they can finally find the time.

Arkasından Gelenler

2. Jest: 83%
3. Snowpack: 81%

En Çok Yazılı Yanıt

Awarded to the item with the most write-in answers

People are always passionate about text editors, and with 134 mentions IntelliJ IDEA wins the award for the most write-in answers.

Arkasından Gelenler

2. Adonis: 117
3. Vite: 85