Sapori di JavaScript

Linguaggi che si compilano in JavaScript


Satisfaction, interest, usage, and awareness ratio rankings.

Technologies with less than 10% awareness not included. Each ratio is defined as follows:

  • Satisfaction: would use again / (would use again + would not use again)
  • Interest: want to learn / (want to learn + not interested)
  • Usage: (would use again + would not use again) / total
  • Awareness: (total - never heard) / total

You can click on any technology name to get extra details and a more in-depth look at its related data.

Overview of opinions on the technologies surveyed over time.

Non lo userei più
Non interessato
Lo userei ancora
Mai sentito

Technologies with only one year of data are not included.

This chart splits positive (“want to learn”, “would use again”) vs negative (“not interested”, “would not use again”) experiences on both sides of a central axis.

Bar thickness represents the number of respondents aware of a technology.

Other Tools
Completion percentage: 2.4% (577)
Completion percentage: 2.4% (577)


Other tools in this category (freeform answers).

On a scale of one (very unhappy) to five (very happy), how happy are developers with the current overall state of this category?

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